Rihanna Sexy (73 Photos + Videos)

R&B singer Rihanna attends the Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Paris Premiere with Cara Delevingne at La Cité du Cinema, 07/25/2017.



19 thoughts on “Rihanna Sexy (73 Photos + Videos)

      1. David Häuser

        What a bunch of cocks you are. She gained weight, but she isn’t fat. How skinny do people have to be to not be labeled overweight?

        1. PudgyRiRi

          Skinny enough not to have a roll of fat hanging over the waist of your shit…. Let’s start with that… Or buy her proper fitting XXL dresses from now on.

  1. Lou

    Oh, holy fuck…

    Rihanna is looking better than ever! And Cara…I know she’s an acquired taste, but as I’ve said before, she’s got the look of a woman that would fuck your soul out of you.

    I wish there were a way to download this entire set so I could study them intimately.

    1. Cahi

      There actually is a way to download the entire set of pictures, you need an Add-on called Download them all, once you have that go to the page with the pictures you want and right click the page but not the picture and click DownThemAll and you’ll be able to see all things on the page that can be downloaded, from there you can check or uncheck whatever you want to download, cheers.

    1. YP

      It could be possible but I think it’s from her smoking weed and drinking all the time. It’s finally caught up to her.

  2. Bitch

    She got fat on the Eva Longoria diet. But she’s not a good business woman. She should have waited with getting fat until that ugly disgusting rich Arab married her.

  3. nacho

    Nobody wants you now bitch

    That ugly azz chest bird tattoo was enough, but now your whale bodeh and your ass is done



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