Love Advent 2017 – Day 17: Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren shows off her butt for Day 17 of Love Advent 2017. Alexis Ren is an American model, online personality. Age – 20.


20 thoughts on “Love Advent 2017 – Day 17: Alexis Ren

    1. Tigger

      All the plastic surgery that ruined her face, she was hot before but some dumb nigger probably told her to get surgery, all the niggers in Cali think if it doesn’t look like a fucktard Kardashian it ain’t worth it

  1. Howdy

    Bitch braggin about what? I got biceps like six times bigger and aint flauntin em on some calendar bullshit. Just shake your ass and be quiet would ya.

    1. Abdul

      What a dumb man could even think of something like this cheap wrong fetish. You alongside other children of this cheap website should try to grow, let dripping away all these childish things. And every woman knows love is above all these typically children fancies. Love is the way, respecting and appreciatin a girl. Y’all will see and understand this one day. And just because she seems tired after a daily train for a sport body, doesn’t mean she’s on drugs.

    2. TeenSplayer

      Strung out = Come down from drugs. Trust me, sex while strung out is not what you want. Sex while high / put the drugs up her butt before you fuck it, now we’re talking!

  2. Andy

    What some young dumb children, stop spread bullshit she’s not on drugs, but what to expect from y’all who even don’t know how is after daily train to keep a body as a sport model, damn. P.S. this website with no filter comments, I gotta leave too. Merry Christmas.

  3. wawawe half of her pussy is hanging out but she wears pasties to hide her nipples?

    Prob from the scarring due to her tit job.

  4. TeenSplayer

    This is fantastic, I haven’t seen any pictures that showcase Alexis’ pussy. Finally we get to see at least some of it! And it’s a nice looking little gash too!

  5. DuRamDuRam

    Its a shame that she felt the need to alter her body/face over the past year or so because there was no need for her to change anything. She’s always been gorgeous, and her body was basically as flawless as humanly possible. Although I definitely prefer the pre-enhancement/surgery Alexis, she is still one of the hottest women on the planet!


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