Keri Russell Nude -The Americans s05e02 (2017) – HD 1080p

Download new HD video with Keri Russell from The Americans (2017) s05e02. Elizabeth (Keri Russell) shows off her butt in a hot shower scene! Keri Russell is an American actress (Scrubs, August Rush, Into the West). Age: 40 (born March 23, 1976).

12 thoughts on “Keri Russell Nude -The Americans s05e02 (2017) – HD 1080p

  1. The dude

    The hottest thing about her is that she seems to enjoy showing her butt. Women who want to be seen are just mind numbing lay hot. Secondary to that is the butt quality, which I rate 10 out of 10. Holly Hunter and Helen Hunt fall in this category of wanting to be seen, too. I know Holly and Hlen are a little older, but seeing them and knowing they want to show it is one of my favorite things. My only complaint is no vag from anybody. More ladies need to take Emily and Amanda Seyfried clues and just hide it in plain sight (Emily full vag on shameless when panties went to side, Amanda full vag up dress during photo shoot with thong moved aside). When you get out of a car with your inner labia winking at me, I know that’s on purpose and get instantly excited. Aren’t men easy?

  2. Severin

    She’s been getting my dick hard since the ’90s (anyone else remember that show “Daddy’s Girls”?). The showrunner and writers of this show earn high praise for having Elizabeth take her clothes off so often. Matthew Rhys is a lucky man.

    1. dbassman

      Well, it seems she may not have much going on in that department, but I’d enjoy seeing them anyway.

  3. Reuben

    If you look closely under her ass in the first picture and in the video, I’m pretty sure you can faintly see her labia or her “lips” as her butt jiggles, washing her hair.


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